Executive Education
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Executive Education
High level managers often lack to spend time on training that focuses on identifying issues that causes organizations to do poorly.
Disaster Risk
Disaster Risk
We consider it particularly important today to be trained in prevention and preparedness especially for disaster recovery caused both by nature and human error.
Counter Competitive
Counter Competitive
One of the major challenges of today that leaders face are the deceptive behaviors by people they come into contact with.

About Us

SmartSuport HUB is the only center of excellence for education in the country which focuses on safety. When it comes to safety we think about personal security, community safety, and safety of public institutions and developed businesses in the country.

Our team consists of top specialists in the field with over a decade experience in operational theory and education for individuals in top and middle management in the private sector, for staff in public institutions, and students from teenagers and younger.


Echipa SmartSuport HUB

  • Iulian Cazacu

    After graduating the Academy of Economic Sciences 16 years ago,…

  • Mihai Chiratcu

    Senior consultant and trainer, focused on Sales, Change management, Cultural…

  • Gl(r) Alexandru Gălușcă

    Retired General Alexandru Găluscă serves as Director of Education at…

  • Marian Bratu

    Under Construction   Smart Suport Team

  • Paul Herinean

    Between 2000 - 2015, he served as a Instructor Specialist…

  • Robert Similea

      A sociologist and specialist in personal branding and competitiveness,…

  • Sebastian Ceptureanu

    Associate Professor at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, holds…

  • Gabriel Constantin

    With a degree in psychology, Gabriel is a consultant and…

  • Ion Ivan

      Ion Ivan graduated from graduated from the Faculty of…



SmartSuport HUB is headquartered in Bucharest with a business incubator branch in Galati known as StartUp Smart. Two more branches will be added this year in Timisoara and Cluj.



SmartSuport HUB events will be announced periodically and will be comprised of training sessions, networking events, and adapted business simulations.