Executive Education
Smart Support
Executive Education
High level managers often lack to spend time on training that focuses on identifying issues that causes organizations to do poorly.
Disaster Risk
Disaster Risk
We consider it particularly important today to be trained in prevention and preparedness especially for disaster recovery caused both by nature and human error.
Counter Competitive
Counter Competitive
One of the major challenges of today that leaders face are the deceptive behaviors by people they come into contact with.

Disaster Risk Recovery

We believe it to be particularly important to be trained in prevention, preparedness and recovery for any disaster whether it be natural or man-made.


SUPPORT SMART HUB is a licensed Disaster Risk Institute for Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia. SUPPORT SMART HUB has partnered with an organization specialized in Disaster Risk Reduction, the Disaster Recovery Institute - New York.

SUPPORT SMART HUB is the only center in Romania that specializes training prevention and disaster preparedness and post-disaster relief efforts.

Further details can be found on the training DRI website:

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